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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, the FAQ. If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to contact me . Also, don't forget to review the app. Thanks.
  1. The first time I installed, I declined the location option, but have since thought it might be nice. I don't seem to have the option anymore even when I uninstall/reinstall. Do you know of any way around this? The location settings are stored for all apps in a central location on the iPhone. In order to re-enable My Free Stuff App's access to location data go to the Settings App > General > Location Services > then find the app you want to change settings for (in this case My Free Stuff App)
  2. Where can I get the My Free Stuff App for my iPhone? You can get it directly from the App Store.
  3. Will there be an Android version? This is one of the more popular questions I've gotten. Since My Free Stuff App is pretty new I'm not even sure if people will find it useful on the iPhone. If there is enough interest (i.e. people like the iPhone version and find it useful and people are interested in an Android version) I'd definitely be up for making an Android version.
  4. Will My Free Stuff App work on Freegle (or groups hosted on or Yahoo Groups)? Yes, because My Free Stuff App simply helps you compost your OFFER email it will work on all groups you can post to by sending an email to a group email address. For example, My Free Stuff App has been successfully able to post to Freegle Groups such as, Yahoo Groups based freecycle groups such as as well as my freecycle groups based groups such as You can usually find your group's email address by going to the group's homepage or sometimes by looking at the From line in the emails it sends you.
  5. Will My Free Stuff App share my exact location? Don't be alarmed, the location feature is designed to only present a general idea ("approximized" within around 0.5 miles) of the location it reads from your iPhone. This feature is meant to help people looking at your offer decide whether or not to respond based on how close they are to your item. This not only helps us keep things local, but can be practical for larger or heavier items, or for groups like my local group that spans a wide geographic area. It is nice to know beforehand if I'm going to have to travel far to pick something up or if it is in my general area. For an example of how photos are "approximized" see the map below this photo:
  6. Can I choose to not share any location data with My Free Stuff App? Yes, providing location data to My Free Stuff is completely optional. For some even an approximate idea of where you are can be too much. For this we can rely on Apple's innovation. Whenever an application asks for your location a dailog box pops up and asks you "My Free Stuff App would like to use your location". When you select "Don't allow" here My Free Stuff does not store your location at all with your offer and does not display a map under your photo. For an example of how this looks please take a look at how the map is omitted below this photo:
  7. Can I use photos that were taken already and are in my Photo Library? Yes, as of v1.3 you can enable this feature by going into the Settings for the My Free Stuff App. Once you're in the Settings page you can toggle on Enable Photo Library under the advanced section. Once you've done this when you go to create a new offer / take a photo in My Free Stuff app it will give you the option to select photos from your Photo Library in addition to taking one on the spot.
  8. How do I find out what version of My Free Stuff App I'm using? You can go to the About tab in the application from v1.2 and onward the version should display just at the end of the "Why?" section.
  9. I have multiple email addresses I use on my iPhone, how do I select which one to send from? For example, you might have a Yahoo address and a .Mac address that you use on your iPhone to send emails, but maybe only one is registered with a Freecycle group. You can select which email address My Free Stuff app uses when it sends an offer email. After you click on "Post Offer" in My Free Stuff, the compose email screen will display where you can then select the "From" email address you wish to use.